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Popular logo glasses appeared in mission impossible 5: mysterious country'

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
Classic action movie 'mission impossible 5: mysterious country' is the hit of the national and characters of the wonderful play and stimulate the scene audience to appreciate the charm of 'mission: impossible' series, again in May, came up with the trend of the glasses that stylish men's resolute temperament shows. l G。 R sunglasses the Comoros in highway speed motor racing scene, the actor Tom cruise to wear the Italian manual glasses brand L. G。 R Comoros classic style sunglasses, staged a thrilling chase scenes with his rival. This masculine flavour is dye-in-the-wood sun glasses is made by the stainless steel material of thin, very manly pilot box type is suitable for most of the men's face shapes. l G。 R the sun glasses 'Tangeri' L. G。 R Tangeri - 黑色- - - - - - Grey Photochromic glasses brand from Italy L F. G。 R is famous for its fine, L. G。 R sunglasses classical modelling is very recognizable, extremely rich contemporary sense with Tom cruise in the play to play a 'mission impossible'. MYKITA steelskin optical glasses 'RUBY' who plays a villain of the British actor Sean Harris, German famous glasses brand MYKITA placard steelskin optical glasses 'RUBY' throughout the whole movie, calm and gentle temperament to become another bright spot. MYKITA Ruby about L. G。 RL。 G。 R brand founder Luca Gnecchi Ruscone Luca, f the luce, Mr Falconi in Rome, Italy, from an Italian family with Africa has deep roots. Prompted him to create brand motivation from his journey of a trip to north Africa. In the journey he visited his grandfather had run her store in north Africa. To open this store had in the 1930 s to 70 s, this line has a history of glasses inside put the glasses with imported Italian. These styles are from the design of the colonial period, the founder of Mr Luca with this batch of glasses after return to Italy, in order to make these colonial aesthetic characteristics of style restoring ancient ways is glasses good reputation preserved and made in Italy, he began to look for craft master with top material, manufacturing glasses is full of amorous feelings of north Africa, and then to create brand. About Mykita Mykita glasses brand was founded in 2003 by two designers in today's leading global fashion picture frame Harald Gottschling, Philipp HaffmansDaniel Haffmans and leading brand Moritz Krueger, Daniel Haffmans founded in Germany. Mykita glasses only by the thickness of 0. 5 cm and other high-end stainless steel alloy, all hand-made integration in Berlin. Its material characteristic of the high flexibility to frame elastic, even free bending. Mykita high-tech style popular fashion crowd extremely rich design feeling, with worldwide including Lady Gaga, Brad Pitt, etc many celebrity fans. In 2007, the first time Mykita for Erik frames won the design award iF global gold medal with a long history. , including Mykita glasses, print advertising series award-winning products including the iF award, the red dot award, and the German design award, and other global awards, become the world's one of the popular brand of high-end fashion glasses. In this paper, from the full glasses net, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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