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Popular logo glasses take a hat is the perfect fit

by:Eugenia     2020-07-15
Sorching summer want to travel, don't to glasses eyes which it can, but want to prevent bask in, or want to more tricks, popular logo glasses take a hat is a piece of my heart oh ~ but watch movie plot, also can see the inside of the dress, maybe you can learn from the inside to what inspiration, these can inspire to you also unknown. Classic way to Audrey Hepburn in breakfast at tiffany's 'costume and a RayBan model, even if in is now second to kill all the female stars. Rayban sunglasses even s drama 'the great gatsby' modelling, also is unique, the modelling of straw hat and dark glasses, and countless eyes, is this you want the next model of concave inspiration? Nots allow to ignore the 'sex and the city 2,' of course, when a group of women ride a camel in the desert, sunglasses modelling also wave to break, whether it's in the TV drama, or film, the four women is the impact to many of the victims. Movies always good stylist collocation, so how the from movie or runway to realway, this is a point worth studying, YKYLM is always very close to help you to collect the fashionable street snap partiers moment, look at how they will be a hat and sunglasses match together, do the summer cool is the test for you. Those who love stars Audrey Hepburn hat and sunglasses at the same time of grace kelly, the princess of Monaco is always leading the fashion, panama hat and sunglasses, no acosmia and princess. Angelina jolie is absolutely is one of the big coffee hat with sunglasses on, no matter on the set, or in the life, have of the costume became her better shading type choice, with dark glasses, she should be a handsome woman. Ueen Bee there has always been with modern insulation edge, is this a white V dress and costume and big frog mirror, countless Jin Dajie really suck eyes what all not afraid, baseball cap and sunglasses, also can be so smart. 'The fear' witch and mold mold this black hat, black sunglasses, the modelling of black skirt, get to the point of fashionable, waves can't hard to do.
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