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Ports 2013, 'the other shore' series of glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-21
Water city Venice ancient culture and the door of the romantic emotional appeal away PortsEyewear stylist inspiration, make the designer living in Venice, emotional experience, grasp the soul of classical and fashion combined with charm, launched in 2013, 'the other shore' series of glasses, dreamy, interpretation of the exotic. Functions of aesthetics, art, culture and life emotion, clever fusion of style restoring ancient ways international new trend. Classic round mirror this season, the fashion circle again blow up view, rich connotation of fashion. PortsEyewear classic round mirror, round frames, soft lines, initiation of restoring ancient ways of emotion; The vigor of wine red color, mature reveal full of enthusiasm. This design meet the needs of men and women fashion pursuit, inadvertently experience every time, in the trend of the aftertaste once a time-lapse. Double-sided amorous feelings beautiful butterfly outline, with elegant element, add some ancient clever and wonderful feeling. Crimson, shimmering gold colour like the sunset, bathed with sex appeal, the temptation of mystery. The plank of luxury carve, mature hides a low profile. This glasses, makes you enjoy the romantic exotic emotional appeal, the tide of blossom character.
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