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Prada sunglasses maintenance matters needing attention

by:Eugenia     2020-08-21
From Italy the world famous brand of prada sunglasses with its unique characteristics and high product quality, contain class become more and more people are buying sunglasses to better select the product. It compact model with fashion and all-around prevention function of uv system attracted many people's attention, become a classic in the sunglasses. So, for such a big sunglasses, at the time of care need to pay attention to what issues? Today, network sunglasses factory to sort out the prada sunglasses care and maintenance method, let's learn together. 1, when the lens have oil stains or fingerprint, cannot use finger or nail to remove stains, in order to avoid scratching the lens, but with a professional cleaner or clean water to rinse, then wipe with a soft cotton cloth or special lenses paper wipe. 2, do not wear sunglasses should remove the folded hands hold its leg, right leg after general fold left leg, then mirror up, avoid the mirror down scratched lenses. Some people don't wear sunglasses when like to hang the glasses on the head, so easy to bad. 3, unfavorable place sunglasses for a long time under the environment of high temperature, such as the car dashboard, such meetings make sunglasses heat deformation, affect beautiful sunglasses, especially the prada sunglasses are using injection molding material, framed almost not how to heat, so, avoid by all means put sunglasses in high temperature environment. 4, avoiding the chemical composition of cosmetic contact lenses, lest sunglasses discoloration or deformation, if accidentally falls into the sunglasses, wash immediately with water and with a special clean cloth or paper. Glasses sunglasses factory network experts remind you that using polarized lens sunglasses can't use ultrasonic cleaning, otherwise it will affect the sunglasses polarizing effect, wear the glasses for a long time will affect the health of the eyes.
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