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Precautions for children's eye optometry_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-25
Many children now wear glasses more often than before. Because children are still young, their bodies are also in the growth stage. Similarly, the development of the eyes is not very stable, and the adjustment ability of the eye's ciliary muscles is relatively strong. Therefore, children's eye optometry cannot be opted casually. Get up and learn about the precautions for children's eye optometry. It is better for children to perform related eye examinations before optometry. Some children's vision loss is due to myopia, and some are caused by other eye diseases. Therefore, eye examination is very important, especially for children with severe vision loss. Parents with children need to undergo certain eye examinations, such as slit lamp microscopes, tonometers, and ophthalmoscopes for eye health examinations. If it is an eye disease, early detection can be treated earlier. Generally speaking, children have to undergo a certain visual inspection. Depending on the actual situation, the time of the visual inspection is also different. The growth stage of children is also the stage of visual development. Preschool is the critical period of visual development. It is also particularly important for children’s visual inspection. Most children receive an optometry once a year, and some younger children take half a year. If the eyesight is unstable, the time for refraction should be intensive, which plays an important role in understanding children's eyesight. Many parents think that mydriatic optometry is harmful to children. This view is very one-sided. Because children have a particularly strong adjustment ability of the ciliary muscle, performing mydriatic optometry is a good way to distinguish between true and false myopia. Therefore, some children must undergo dilated optometry. Mydriatic refraction is performed under the guidance of a doctor, and proper rest should be taken after mydriasis. Mydriasis is relatively accurate for both nearsightedness and farsightedness, and can be a good reference for later glasses.
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