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Precautions for children's optometry_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-24
Children’s vision loss is related to many factors. Eye-related examinations and optometry are to facilitate the understanding of children’s vision and are also the needs of children’s glasses. Children's optometry is different because of the individual's actual situation, so there are some differences in optometry. Let's take a look at the precautions for children's optometry. Children’s eye examinations are very important. Children’s vision loss needs to be understood whether it is caused by refractive errors or other eye diseases. Eye examinations are required. This is the prerequisite for optometry. Check by using a slit lamp microscope, tonometer, ophthalmoscope, etc., if there are special circumstances, other checks are needed. Mydriatic optometry is necessary. Some parents feel that mydriasis is bad for their children's vision. In fact, mydriasis can more accurately know whether a child is pseudomyopia or true myopia. This is because if the pupil is dilated, the ciliary muscles are paralyzed, and the adjustment ability of the eyes cannot be carried out. It can better understand the refractive state, and the adjustment ability of the children's eyes is relatively strong, and many of them are the possibility of pseudomyopia. , Mydriasis optometry also knows more clearly whether it is true myopia. Mydriasis also has rapid mydriatic refraction, but it is not suitable for all children. Rapid mydriasis can recover quickly. Generally speaking, children who have first refraction and glasses choose chronic mydriasis. If you wear glasses often before, you don’t need to perform slow mydriasis. Generally, children with strabismus, because of the complexity of optometry, if the test results are inaccurate, slow mydriasis can also be performed. Children need to measure intraocular pressure before mydriasis to see if they are suitable for mydriatic optometry. Children under 8 years of age need mydriatic optometry because the ciliary muscle is paralyzed, and the test results will be more accurate. Some children with amblyopia insist on wearing glasses. Before changing glasses, for mydriasis and refraction, it is necessary to see the doctor's examination of the amblyopia.
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