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Precautions for farsightedness and amblyopia? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-04
Hyperopia and amblyopia generally occur in children, and it is also related to growth and development. The younger the age, the better the effect of general treatment. Therefore, once parents find that their children have abnormal vision, they must wear their children for examination as soon as possible. Hyperopia and amblyopia require not only the cooperation of the child during treatment, but also the patient guidance of the parents. Let's take a look at the precautions for farsightedness and amblyopia. Parents and children need to be patient. The treatment of amblyopia is not a short period of time, amblyopia training requires a long-term training process, and a consolidation period is also required after amblyopia treatment. Some short courses of treatment also take one or two years. In terms of time, they are relatively long. Therefore, during this time period, both parents and children must have confidence, and parents must maintain a good attitude to guide their children, care for them, and not be too hasty. Patients with farsightedness and amblyopia should insist on wearing glasses. Especially some children will feel very unaccustomed to it at first, and parents should insist on correct guidance. And during the period of covering the healthy eyes, this period is very critical and needs to be reviewed on time. Hyperopia and amblyopia need to receive relevant amblyopia training according to different degrees of severity. During the period of wearing glasses, it is necessary to go to the hospital for amblyopia training and treatment, and it is also necessary to go to the hospital at regular intervals to check the vision, fundus, etc., and replace the lenses according to the actual situation, and comprehensively treat them. In terms of diet, don't be picky eaters. Children are still in the stage of growth and development. No matter which part of the body is, they need sufficient nutrition. Eating more coarse grains and fruits and vegetables can well supplement the trace elements needed by the body, promote growth and development, and also help with hyperopia and amblyopia. In addition, it is appropriate to consume some protein and limit the amount of polysaccharides. Ingestion, can help retina and optic nerve development.
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