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Precautions for wearing contact lenses in summer_Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-30
Summer is here, handsome men and beautiful women are beginning to wear various types of contact lenses. Especially when you want to wear sunglasses, myopic friends are definitely better to wear contact lenses. There are also many high-end contact lenses with high comfort and good wearing effect. They are also suitable for our daily wear. However, the temperature in summer is relatively high, and we may often wear contact lenses, so what should be paid attention to when wearing contact lenses in summer? Note 1: Avoid sweat entering the eyes. Because the temperature in summer is relatively high, sweating is inevitable. But pay special attention to the fact that there are a lot of bacteria in the sweat. If the sweat enters the eyes directly and you wear contact lenses, it is very easy for bacteria to grow and induce verification. Therefore, we should pay attention to the condition of good sweat daily, so as not to affect our eye equipment. Note 2: You can’t wear contact lenses for swimming. In summer, many people go swimming, especially diving. In fact, they can’t wear contact lenses. It is recommended that if you must wear contact lenses for swimming, especially some friends with higher degrees, try to wear swimming goggles, which can also play a good eye protection effect. Note 3: Avoid blowing the air conditioner directly when returning to the air-conditioned room. Try not to directly let the cold wind blow on your face. This will also cause the moisture of the eyeball to evaporate quickly, so the lens will become very dry afterwards, and it will also appear. Blurred vision. Therefore, it is more recommended to avoid direct cold wind, and use artificial tears for office workers, so that subsequent contact lenses will be better. Note four, pay attention to eye cleanliness. Only by doing a good job of eye cleansing, can eyeball contamination be avoided. There may be a lot of suspended dust in summer, which will easily affect our eyes. It is recommended that you wash your eyes properly every day and use some eye wash, so that the follow-up care effect is also guaranteed, and it can also avoid some eye diseases.
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