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Precautions for wearing contact lenses in winter_contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-01
Many myopic friends are very difficult in winter. As long as they enter from the outside to the inside, a layer of mist will appear immediately, and it is not easy to wipe clean, and it may even get fogged repeatedly. Therefore, many people choose to wear contact lenses. Such contact lenses have a better wearing effect and can also solve many problems. There are high-quality contact lenses, which are easy to buy and at competitive prices. But if you want to wear contact lenses in winter, what issues should we pay attention to? Note 1: Pay attention to cleaning according to experts, because the number of bacteria on contact lenses in winter will increase, which is 11.5 times higher than usual, so many people are prone to uncomfortable situations. Therefore, it is recommended to wear contact lenses in winter as much as possible to do a good job of basic cleaning. You need to use regular care solutions and ensure that the care solutions are replaced every day, so that the subsequent cleaning can be more secure. Do not let bacteria There is a breeding situation. Note two, use eye drops. Because it is relatively dry in winter, many people are prone to dryness. It is recommended to use special eye drops, try to use artificial tears, so as to ensure a better use effect, and can also avoid the situation of low comfort. Therefore, it is recommended that you wear contact lenses every day, so you should always keep eye drops, so that if you feel a foreign body or dryness, you can use the care solution. Note 3: Maintain eye hygiene. We must pay special attention to eye hygiene. In fact, all contact lenses sold are of guaranteed quality, but we need to confirm eye hygiene. For example, try not to wear contact lenses for more than 8 hours. If you have to face the computer every day, try not to wear contact lenses, otherwise it will definitely affect our eye health. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to the condition of wearing well. Wearing for too long will cause some eye discomfort.
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