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Professional acrylic lens factory---California Recycling Plastics Corporation converts PET waste into products

by:Eugenia     2022-01-10
An rPlanet Earth company located in California, USA, has launched a global large-scale vertical integrated recycling production plant project that can directly convert PET packaging waste into recycled PET plastic products that are comparable to the original PET materials. Up to now, the total investment of the project has reached 100 million U.S. dollars. The current factory covers an area of u200bu200b28,060 square meters. The production base collects various bottles, plastic boxes and other packaging waste, and then passes through a series of classification and cleaning processes, and removes the garbage. It is rolled into thin sheets, and then subjected to strict washing and decontamination treatments, and according to the needs of the end use, the intrinsic viscosity of the material is increased, and finally it is processed into food-grade plates, thermoformed containers and injection molded preforms. The new rPlanet Earth plant can process 80 million pounds of waste plastic annually. The company now operates seven plastic processing production lines, including two injection molding systems for the production of models, three Welex extrusion systems to produce sheets that are sold on the market as commercial coils, or for two large Lyle thermoforming in the workshop machine. The thermoformed products produced by rPlanet Earth include drinking cups, production packaging materials and plastic boxes, as well as the final production of any other food-grade thermoformed packaging products currently made of PET. Professional acrylic lens factory
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