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Professional acrylic lens factory---Malaysia promulgated a ban, where can the plastic waste go?

by:Eugenia     2022-01-10
According to Malaysian media reports, in order to avoid becoming a 'trash can' for foreign garbage, the Minister of Energy, Science, Technology and Environment of Malaysia announced that Malaysia will completely ban the import of non-recyclable solid waste, especially discarded plastic waste, in order to reduce the impact of plastics on the environment. The degree of pollution. The minister stated that all imports of plastic waste in Malaysia have been frozen, and the government has also frozen the issuance of licenses to operate plastic recycling plants. At the same time, the Malaysian government will ensure that all plastics that cannot be recycled and plastics that violate environmental quality laws are completely banned. The Malaysian government is reviewing recycling-related activities, and about 30 companies have been shut down for importing and producing illegal plastic waste. Since China issued a ban on the import of plastic waste, Southeast Asian countries have become one of the important destinations for Western countries to export plastic waste. According to statistics from relevant agencies, taking the United States as an example, only this year plastic waste exports to Thailand increased by nearly 2000% to 91,505 tons; plastic waste exports to Malaysia increased by 273% to 157,299 tons; plastic waste exports to Vietnam increased 46%, reaching 71,220 tons. The rapid growth of plastic waste in a short period of time has broken the original ecological balance in Southeast Asia. In addition, the industrial system of Southeast Asian countries is not complete, and the environmental pressure of plastic pollution in Southeast Asian countries has suddenly increased. Industry experts said that the ban on plastic waste issued by Malaysia this time is closely related to the environmental damage caused by the influx of plastic waste. At the same time, experts said that the ban issued by Malaysia is likely to trigger a chain reaction in Southeast Asia, triggering many countries in Southeast Asia to promulgate plastic waste bans. Because Vietnam, Thailand and other countries have introduced corresponding measures or restricted or banned the import of plastic waste. Once all Southeast Asian countries enact bans, Western plastic waste exporting countries may have to consider where the large amounts of plastic waste they produce should be transported. Not only Malaysia, but according to foreign media reports, the Thai government is planning to officially notify the import of all types of foreign plastic waste in 2021. APL, one of the world's ten largest liner companies, issued an announcement stating that it will no longer accept plastic waste from the United States or Canada to China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, with immediate effect. Vietnam is also rethinking its policy on plastic waste because its ports are crowded with cargo ships transporting plastic waste, causing the port to be blocked. In fact, after China promulgated the plastic waste ban, Western plastic waste exporting countries led by the United Kingdom and the United States have also issued a series of policies aimed at reducing or eliminating plastic waste, but most of their policies are mainly long-term and difficult to be effective in the short term. Shangqi lacks a recycling system for handling plastic waste in China. Therefore, the plastic waste produced at this stage is still mainly exported, and most of them are exported by developing countries such as Southeast Asia and South Asia. However, the level of plastic waste recycling and processing in Southeast Asian countries, led by Malaysia, is also very limited. The influx of large amounts of plastic waste will only increase the burden on the local ecological environment. Faced with the ban on waste introduced by plastic waste importing countries, it is like a 'giant baby'. Where should the Western plastic waste exporting countries go? Professional acrylic lens factory
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