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Progressive multifocal glasses price_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-01
Progressive multifocal glasses can simultaneously meet the distances of the near, middle and far areas. A pair of progressive multifocal glasses can solve different distance requirements. The price of progressive multifocal lenses includes the price of progressive multifocal lenses and the price of spectacle frames. The price of a progressive multifocal glasses is affected by many factors, let's take a look at the price of progressive multifocal glasses. The price of glasses varies greatly depending on the point of sale. If you look at it in many optical shops, the glasses are much cheaper. This is due to the cost reduction in all aspects, from the design of the glasses to the sales of the glasses, so many links are basically done by themselves, which reduces the agency fee. Therefore the price is very favorable. For example, plate frames. Plate frames are one of the most popular frames. The price of plate frames is different in various optical shops, but overall, the price should be discounted. For example, the market price of men's full-frame frames is first impression of sheet metal frames. The market price has to be sold for more than 900 yuan, and the OULE price is only more than 300. In contrast, the price is much cheaper. Of course, the materials of the frames are varied, and the materials also have a certain impact on the price. The price of spectacle frames is divided into several ranges in the selling price, including 101-200 yuan, 201-400 yuan, 401-700 yuan, and 701-1100 yuan. There are also certain differences in prices for different materials, styles and brands. The price of progressive films is 201-400 yuan, 401-700 yuan, 701-1100 yuan, and more than 1100 yuan. The price gap of the lens is related to the lens coating technology, lens performance, lens brand and so on. Progressive films sold at a market price of more than 500 yuan cost less than 400 yuan. In contrast, the price of glasses is relatively cheap.
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