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Protect vision sunglasses selection is the key

by:Eugenia     2020-08-13
In the sunny summer outdoor activities, have to wear a high quality sunglasses to protect his eyes. Especially to remind the wearer of contact lenses, currently on the market have a propaganda uv contact lenses, but actually contact lenses uv protection is very low, really reduce uv damage for eye protection and effectively reduce the risk of cataracts and pterygium, accurate method is at the same time of wearing contact lenses, choose high quality sunglasses to wear. How to choose the sun glasses?
first of all, to see whether the visual effects
when wearing sunglasses, can see clear and comfortable; Sunglasses should not be too tight on both sides, but if the sunglasses is loose, may also affect the visual comfort. Mask or cover edge sunglasses can stop ordinary frames, on both sides at the top and bottom of the ultraviolet ray, but they may also increase the optical distortion.
method to test the visual effects: please wear sunglasses, and then look at the linear objects and move his head, if it is found that straight lines appear curved, that means the lens flaws, make visual distortion.
then choose should be uniform in dyeing lens
lens instead of color shades. If using the gradient lens, lens color from the top to the end end should gradually becomes shallow, and even color. If you plan to buy use while driing sunglasses, please check the label, to ensure that they meet the requirements of the recognition of traffic signal. Some sunglasses shading degree can make the color distortion of road signs, especially that block uv light has the special function of sunglasses. Can't wear the sunglasses when driving.
in the meantime, wearing contact lenses are also special attention should be paid. High summer temperatures, high humidity, suitable for the growth of bacteria, viruses, breeding, especially staphylococcus aureus, etc. , and s. aureus, are common causes eye irritation of germs, nursing liquid sterilizing becomes more important. The study found that, the use of qualified nursing liquid, by complete the correct way to wash clean the lens surface sediments, can kill 90% of germs. Country of contact lenses, nursing liquid has strict standards, by the state food and drug administration certification detailer is qualified products.
sunglasses glasses factory advice, wear and take contact lenses to wash clean first; Every day must be carefully cleaned after harvesting the contact lenses, lens surface sediments and pathogenic bacteria first through the use of nursing liquid rubbing part removal after cleaning, the cleaning process, so that the next sterilization preservation can effectively, while rubbing are attached to the lens can be more clear to remove oil and protein; Contact lenses must be soaked in detailer four hours or more to get good sterilizing effect; Both sides wear also need to use nursing liquid cleaning contact lenses; Don't rub your eyes at ordinary times, wash their hands.
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