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Protecting eyesight, a pair of bright eyes starts from protecting children's eyesight_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-27
With the progress of the modern social science and technology era, various electronic products emerge in an endless stream, which brings convenience to people, but also causes eyesight fatigue to many people. Improper eye use also causes modern people to wear myopia. And at present, the age of myopia tends to be more and more young people, which makes many families worry about the problem of children's vision. The critical period for a person's vision development is childhood, which will play a decisive role in their future vision. Good children's vision care will help children develop good eye habits and help them maintain the correct way to use their eyes in the future. Now let's look at the problem of children's vision care. The first is that children's bedrooms should have enough light, which will promote the normal growth of children's retinas, so that they can adapt to the light in the external environment. Therefore, it is not advisable to choose dark colors in the bedroom, to ensure that the light is bright, and at the same time to prevent direct sunlight from entering the children's eyes. How should children protect their eyesight? Secondly, pay attention to the hygiene of the eyes, keep the eyes clean, try not to let the children touch the eyes with their hands when they go out, they must wash their hands first when they return home, and cultivate the habit of washing their hands frequently. Secondly, it is necessary to use healthy eyes, combine work and rest, and pay attention to time control when looking at things close by, especially electronic products on the market should not be exposed to children for a long time. Finally, to get children to have the correct posture, read books must not lie on the bed, and do not read at close range in the car or in other shaking conditions. In addition, it is necessary to ensure adequate sleep, because children's vision development requires sleep protection, so as to relieve the pressure of eye use during the day and reduce the burden of children's eye use.
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