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Prsr pasha at 2017 Beijing glasses exhibition, launch all show nowhere not style

by:Eugenia     2020-08-30
On September 6, 2017 - — On September 8, the 30th annual China international glasses industry exhibition was held in Beijing. As one of the major TTF attending glasses industry in China, Prsr pasha with 2017 new optical lens flare at the fashion feast. Located in no. 1 B077 - on the second floor The B088 Prsr pasha booth, with full of fashion design sense, attracting countless people in the exhibition stand and into the booth. Coffee show style glamour this theme pavilions on brand pavilion building concept, unlike previous minimalism, fashion adopted the cafe concept topics. Design inspiration comes from coffee culture, inside decoration is concise and delicate give priority to, with pink and blue colour of the collision between structural elements intertwined with cafes, formation of the light and shadow interweave, create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Green ornament, simple and romantic, let visitors feel the cafe itself is a colorful flicker. There are permeated with coffee is bitter and sweet, many visitors to taste cafe buffet tailor-made lime water, coffee and other drinks, in a comfortable and elegant environment, experience refined and comfortable. Reception desk water music inside adornment 2017 optical lens started new sunglasses show many kinds of amorous feelings of the new starting of 2017 autumn winters optical lens and lightweight titanium optical lens. The titanium optical mirror frame only about eight. 1 g, freeing oneself for modern urban people, comfortable light glasses, without indentation load from the bridge of the nose. Recommended reading: how much pasha glass frame in addition to this, and the starting of two optical lens PT66101 and PT66103, slender frame full of small and pure and fresh feeling, simple soft line be drawn the outline of thick artistic breath, wearing style and suitable for many occasions. The simple style of the fashion, light and comfortable experience, and rich simple sense, also even more attention on details, each deputy Prsr pasha glasses are originality. At the same time, in the display area comprehensive orientation shows visitors Prsr pasha sunglasses, the product of a unique style and exquisite craft make wowed the presence of the audience, love. Very person eyeball, absorption on modelling sunglasses with saturated colour and rich the box shape design create amazing fashion sheet is tasted. Each pair of glasses are put orderly like pieces of fine art, attracting visitors to appreciate. On-site interaction popularity soared up exhibition hall, enthusiastically Prsr pasha glasses shows visitors products of elegant and chic, so customers to experience an endless stream, have try to wear glasses or consulting related product problems, there are many more customers hope to be able to buy the product on the spot. The three-day glasses exhibition in Beijing has a successful ending, Prsr pasha make coffee concept design and detail of convey the theme of 'nowhere not style' pavilion was deeply loved by everyone. In the future, will continue to be in a unique fashion taste and charm, create classical and pop, details and whole boutique beauty, grace and handed down, lead glasses industry trends.
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