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Prsr pasha glasses to Chinese designer Dumpty, at London fashion week

by:Eugenia     2020-08-07
Recent Prsr pasha Chinese designer brands Dumpty together Studio debut, completed the London Prsr pasha x Dumpty cooperation glasses in the Fashion Show, become a major bright spot. The modelling with the fun of cooperation glasses Dumpty Studio SS17 creative splicing type clipping design, the overall work of the whole show more unique. Life is like a pair of glasses, if be conveniently placed in a corner, is smooth and insurance, Dan is more of a dull and monotonous; If can rush out of the besieged place in the world, don't be afraid to make your first step, walk into the stage of the world, like catwalk show yourself, perhaps you will get to belong to your shining points. Prsr Dumpty pasha also specially invited the four partners with Yao Xuefei Studio tells Prsr pasha x Dumpty story behind the creation inspiration and cooperation of cooperation: Dumpty: this Prsr pasha x Dumpty cooperation, we hope to give the glasses of the wearer a feeling of psychedelic disco, let them get the 'rebellion' of the spirit, the courage to break the rules to do themselves, we enjoy this time with Prsr pasha, pasha give us a space that is loose, and provided a lot of help to the young designers, we happily under their support has completed the cooperation of the series of glasses. In the cooperation of glasses design, main is inspired by the Emoji and Disco culture. Emoji has gradually become an indispensable part of our everyday life, small pattern can help us to express a lot of words can not express the emotions. Prsr pasha x Dumpty cooperation glasses in the design of the model, in a transparent frame as the base, between the lenses and frames, Dumpty type inclined ellipse will interest into the glasses design, make the cooperation glasses in the fashion design sense, there is a unique ponder. Fashion show 'fall in love with supermodel' third Yao Xuefei, as a model of Cenozoic her, with her performance perspective, for you deduce Prsr pasha x Dumpty cooperation with unique charm: # # life is like a show nowhere not style. As models often need to perform a variety of fashion shoot, attending all kinds of fashion activities, which are the glasses had her unique insights of cooperation: Yao Xuefei: this Prsr pasha Dumpty x to shoot very happy cooperation, strange interesting cooperation glasses with strange interesting Dumpty clothes are particularly interesting. Glasses full of modelling and the cooperation, is a design, if in the Party, is 'trying' to wear this glasses, immediately become the focus of the whole subject. Maybe you need to show your courage, don't doubt yourself, your life is a wonderful show. Pasha, with you out of your life show. Prsr pasha, nowhere not style Prsr pasha, fashion glasses brand was founded in 2002. With keen fashion antennae, become a style of the interpreter. Prsr pasha, the facial contour blends Oriental characteristics and aesthetic temperament and interest, and derive the popular elements into the design, with superb technology, excellent quality, the aesthetic feeling of the fashion and unique style of self clever union, reveal a distinctive style charm for you. Pasha, nowhere not style. This article from the Chinese glasses net, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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