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PS price in Yuyao Plastic City on October 19th-PS Lens Reflective

by:Eugenia     2022-01-11
Brand manufacturers' regional prices rose and fell 123P Shanghai Secco Yuyao 136000123P Shanghai Secco Dongguan 1190001441 Total (Ningbo) Yuyao 131000150 Thailand Petrochemical Dongguan 112200158K Yangzi BASF Yuyao 13100-50525 Jiangsu Saibaolong Yuyao 12600-50525 Jiangsu Leiden Yuyao 12500-100525 Guangzhou Petrochemical Dongguan 113200525 Guangzhou Petrochemical Shunde 1132505250 Ningbo Taihua Yuyao 1300005250 Taiwan Taihua Dongguan 1142005250 Ningbo Taihua Dongguan 115500635 Fujian Tianyuan Shantou 113600666H Trinseo (Trinseo) Yuyao 136000GP-535N Taihua Ningbo Yuyao 13100-250GP5250 Taihua Ningbo Yuyao 13000- 200GPPS-123 Shanghai Secco Yuyao 138000GPPS500 Dushanzi Petrochemical Yuyao 128000N1841 Hong Kong Petrochemical Shantou 113600PG-33 Zhenjiang Chi Mei Yuyao 136000PG33 Zhenjiang Chi Mei Dongguan 122500PG33 Zhenjiang Chi Mei Shunde 123000PG-383 Zhenjiang Chi Mei Yuyao 136000PG-383M Zhenjiang Chi Mei Yuyao 137000SKG-118SKG Shantou 1137000SKG-118SKG -118 Aisikai Dongguan 117300SKG-118 Guangdong Xinghui (formerly SK Shantou) Yuyao 13200-400622 Shanghai Secco Yuyao 138000622 Shanghai Secco Dongguan 124300650 Thailand Petrochemical Dongguan 117000688 CITIC Guoan Yuyao 13300-50825 Jiangsu Saibaolong Yuyao 13500825 Liaotong Chemical Yuyao 13000-506351 Total (Ningbo) Yuyao 1370008250 Ningbo Taihua Yuyao 1350008250 Ningbo Taihua Dongguan 1200008250 Taiwan Taihua Dongguan 120000476L Yangzi BASF Yuyao 136000CH660 Guangzhou Petrochemical Dongguan 122000CH660 Guangzhou Petrochemical Shunde 121000HS-43 Shantou Hualin Yuyao 126000PH-88 Zhenjiang Qimei Yuyao 137000PH-88 Zhenjiang Chi Mei Dongguan 125200PH-88 Zhenjiang Chi Mei Shunde 123500PH-888G Zhenjiang Chi Mei Yuyao 13800100SKH-127 Isikai Shantou 117600SKH-127 Isikai Dongguan 120300SKH-127 Guangdong Xinghui (formerly SK Shantou) Yuyao 131000SKH-128G Isikai Shantou 121000 Note: The above price (part of) information is updated at 09:45 Keywords: ps lens reflection
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