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Pu yi sun glasses 2014 qiu dong series preview 'Eyewear on Board'

by:Eugenia     2020-08-26
( Reading] Puyi glasses to travel travel for inspiration, for every corner of the world autumn/winter 2014 unique, handmade exquisite glasses and sunglasses, from France, Italy, Germany, the United States, Britain, Japan and other places to introduce as many as 20 brands, on July 8, 2014 to 9 stores in the center of the Beijing Yintai held 'puyi glasses 2014 qiu dong series preview'. Puyi group was founded in 2001, for Hong Kong's first glasses retailers develop high-end glasses market, with current branch in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and major cities in greater China region. Group, there are four different styles of product brand, including the statue is noble puyi glasses, style is fashionable and elegant Glasstique, innovative avant-garde glasses and introducing the classical creative at the same time, 010 British famous glasses brand Cutler & amp; 总值及琳达法罗。 Victoria phenomenon, Thierry Lasry, maybach ( Maybach) Brands such as the eyes of both current by puyi eyeglasses exclusive series. Puyi glasses exclusive brand: Thierry Lasry2014 sunglasses puyi glasses glasses of 2014 autumn winters is qiu dong series of each brand in pu yi is located in the country's main city of glasses, Glasstique and Shanghai K11 glasses are sold at 010. Puyi eyeglasses exclusive brand: Victoria Beckham brand ( Victoria Beckham) Different styles of sunglasses sunglasses of 2014 autumn winters is the necessary travel, puyi glasses at the same time release the concept of 'Eyewear On Board' activities, more than 200 pairs of glasses are placed in a special luxury trunk, and decorate the shop into a Traveler 's Lounge, with ever-changing glasses design style, fashion show travellers. Present new product preview, puyi glasses as many as 20 fashion glasses brand from all over the world, including some of the style is quite diversified niche brands, including from Sweden's Anna Karin Karlsson, Italian Italia Independent and OP Mood, Japan's Ken Okuyama, 999. 9, etc. At the same time, many famous brands from the fashion capital of the new series, balenciaga (including France Paris Balenciaga) , Thierry Lasry, au lai ( Moncler) , New York, slim looked ( Thom Browne) Kuboraum, GreyAnt, Berlin, London, United Kingdom, Cutler and Gross and Linda farrow ( 琳达·法罗) And so on. In addition, puyi glasses also cooperate with well-known brand launched an exclusive design, such as Frency & amp; 水星×溥仪和维多利亚·贝克汉姆×溥仪。
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