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Put on mouth-muffle sunglasses and don't know who you are, but because of who I am? Can you guess a few stars?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-20
You know the sunglasses, masks for star, how important? Covering without makeup, candid, lenses, cannot leave it! In recent years, both the summer hot and winter season, a star out of the door is always wearing dark glasses and mask my face covered. At first some people say that they are in order to prevent the fog haze, then some people say that they are to prevent being recognized by their fans. In fact, the stars is a psychological game. Let's take a look at, star sunglasses masks armed to the teeth, can you guess who is who? 1. Black hat + black box sunglasses + black masks a black jacket, black baseball cap, can not cool. Plus a cool pair of black sunglasses, the box is really handsome. But the perfect black dress person exactly is who? Li yi feng? rain? Yang Yang? 2. Black transparent sunglasses + mask + white hat black red long-sleeved T-shirt with a pair of black box brown transparent lens sunglasses, star flavour is dye-in-the-wood. White cap + sunglasses, masks, it's really not give people a little way! In addition to your fans, others should be hard to guess who he is! 3. Dark glasses + + line cap including black wool hat + black gas masks, sunglasses, so sealed package, even the skin is one inch not! This is the idol of young? Hurriedly out claimed ~ 4. Tide with tortoiseshell glasses + collar mask + hat this style should be a few people can hold it live? These sunglasses to dress up is really too much, Then) Product ( ) You guess who he is? Ray-ban RB3016 unisex sunglass W0366 5. Dark glasses + white mask + camouflage hat grey hoodie + grey shorts, look very casual. Comfortable travel. White mask + black super covered face, baseball cap, protective measures are in place. This is to don't want people to recognize! 6. It's too cute! ! ! ! Especially the round sunglasses, just like the bear's eyes. The two fashion item after he wears, so a believe whether authentic or with money, should will be snapped up by fans ~ 7. Dark glasses + black masks you attracted to what? Shining black sunglasses wow? A black-backed a purple backpack is very grab an eye, D word sunglasses is too cool to yourself. Look at the stars wear masks stunned by the appearance of the sunglasses? You've got a few? Your answer below: 1. Is Yang Yang, 2. Is William, 3. Is a show, 4. Is a gd, 5. Is Kim jong kook, 6. Is Mr Huntsman, 7. Lay is
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