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Put sunglasses wind spring tide

by:Eugenia     2020-07-25
In an unguarded moment, the weather is getting warm, ready for the spring are worthless. Clothes with is always on the out and new seasons of alternating, and sunglasses are different, it belongs to all the year round can match the trend of the essentials, in this warm season, let's put on a suit is tie-in, tide wave a sunglasses wind! ! ! ! Dark glasses so relaxed collocation of even a few years ago the trend of the match, in the now still bright eye, but more a retro. High waist jeans is very apparent, seem to be concave and convex have send, show female charm. Stripe jacket and striped handbag photograph echo, make whole feels more harmonious. Black sunglasses not only can keep out sunshine, and the color is a good match, especially with the color of camel's hair hat. Dark glasses this one is the classical collocation of tourism travel, blue-green coat with white lace skirt, there is a summer cool and refreshing feeling. Coupled with basic black sunglasses and the color of camel's hair is sandals with any clothing can match, so don't seem to feel strange, but give a person a kind of comfortable feeling. Yellow glasses that a black dress was very common collocation, but added the yellow necklace and yellow glasses and then all of a sudden dramatic. Match clothes still should follow the color photograph echo, the whole body colour is the principle of not more than three, sunglasses and necklace color echo, white bag and black dress, and formed a contrast expensive gas and nifty. Blue sunglasses with bull-puncher collocation yellow skirts is really a challenge, in the small make up the colour collocation of the blue and yellow is risky, but if the blue handbag and blue reflective glasses into the match, as in the past but look very beautiful and pure and fresh. Similar style sunglasses recommendation: ray-ban RB4187F purple black box piece TR90 high-end fashion big yards Ms. Sun glasses sunglasses factory S9201 sunglasses our fleet silver frame/green color film
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