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Putting sunglasses show open your eyes

by:Eugenia     2020-07-29
If I remember correctly, first saw the cycle of brainwashed type 'VictoriaBeckham sunglasses super face small' should be in a few years ago grazia magazine, fashion editor and star take turns to amway, gushing. Later as sunglasses more and more fire, superstar putting sunglasses style is more and more, is really let small make up an eye-opener! Below we look at putting sunglasses show together! If you're like me, have a big face and slightly high cheekbones, See each shandong cadastral folk singer) , this pair of sunglasses should be one of the best face artifact. Based on my years of research, the following key can reference: anta AT8005C1 fashion sunglasses big black box polarized sunglasses gradient lenses. It can dilute cheekbones focus, and even law grains are not so obvious. But also the more mysterious, usually I choose the first selection of sunglasses. Fangyuan profile. Also have the effect of diffusion cheekbones, and make a little more pointed chin. Edge hollow out design. As our previous space design content, the most like the furniture of slender frame, can effectively pervious to light, fuzzy edges on his face. Although enthusing about this pair of sunglasses, but it's not my most often worn. And its leg design is easy to clip the hair! ! ! ! Don't stand on his head, cause a tragedy. In spite of this, I was on the special needs 'smart CARDS' always wear it. Really nice. This is the first deputy light version, quality plastic material, quite worth considering include. VB often wear this pair, a few simple in style! Sunglasses factory YC9705 general sunglasses C2 grind arenaceous black/dazzle colour blue is also his own classic brand, a slight change on the profile, lower limb wider. This vice in fact to face or slightly requirement, if it is a round face, or narrow forehead and slightly square jaw face itself, can make the character more obvious. I tried on the counter, think not ugly, but also not have to have. Ink jet the lenses, particularly mysterious, also easily concentrated in the center of the face. If it suddenly turned into a button. If you are small nose, this pair of pretty good. VB pilot glasses, would also be great, is larger than 95% of style mirror on the market, to become China red is inevitable. If you wide cheekbones, think a lot of pilots can't ride, might as well try it. Sunglasses factory 9805 mirror legs gun lens dark green frog mirror authentic driver mirror can't help on this map is tie-in, a pistol. Sunglasses profile is very handsome, but is more suitable for facial features and clear, the likeable round face like me wearing there will be a tad out of place. Bag is very good-looking, but long shoulder strap also easy to procrastination, must hold their breath straight at any time. If you look at putting photos, she is a woman of all the kink shape forcibly - — A bad thing? Don't. Way she used, wear heels, the pose, are integrated into the posture, and discrepancy is bodyguards saloon car, don't points minutes war footing. Both as its own brand of live, the forefather of street snap levels of the female star is a powerful free sell! Again hard also value.
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