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Qiaoqiao jin casual wear fashion show youthful vitality

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
Small make up since saw the sequel to journey to the west 'is impressed the peacock princess, she one-girl, good-hearted, but also has a lithe and graceful dance and beautiful appearance, that time is my goddess! The dynamic later also often focus on her, although she is forty years old, still has a perfect figure, fashionable dress, youthful vitality also not losing his touch. Collected here are small make up a few pieces of her pictures, her sunglasses leisure dress up all show youthful vitality, not only fashion but also high LengFan, goddess worthy level! Qiaoqiao jin, dressed in a blue hole in simple leisure also jeans with a white coat is damp, cool leopard reflective sunglasses covered face is all the more youthful vitality. Qiaoqiao jin black and white with high fashion LengFan frame sunglasses cool! Hollow out sexy black sweater, white trousers, big red leather shoes and handbags, it is the perfect collocation, plus a pair of red mirror sunglasses, cool, and kinds of the queen's high LengFan!
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