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Qin Lan big frame glasses, enjoying the sun a good life

by:Eugenia     2020-09-02
Qin Lan tweeting recently: gratitude all meet in the life, wish everything good. Suspected of former boyfriend Mr. Lu's blessing. In this photo, Qin Lan dressed in a black dress, wearing a black and white hat, wearing a big frame glasses was bathed in sunlight, a peaceful, quiet, let the heart with stability. Qin Lan big frame glasses, enjoying the sun good life Qin Lan ( Qin Lan) , was born in shenyang, liaoning province, Chinese actress, singer, plane model, graduated from shenyang university of technology accounting. In 1999 to attend the sixth national push new competition won gold prize of advertising model, has become the first art push new performer training base performer. In 2003 because of the new characters in the play 'princess huanzhu 3' jiangnan socialite Chen know fame. See a sad dream again in 2007 in the 'plays wang duckweed, to further improve visibility. In 2011 by the movie 'mother tongue' performance won the third of the UK than like a 'promising actress award' international Chinese film festival; A corner by the emperors in the feast of the king nominated the 7th Asian film festival 'beautiful actress in a supporting role'; 2007 stars ceremony 'mainland popular actress of the year'; Won the 2012 annual first YOKA fashion for; In 2012, its star international hotel brand Holiday Inn Holiday Inn micro film festival in Asia effective marketing awarded the 'preferred brand content' award. In March 2013 with a new identity with EP 'a shoulder between' into the music. In July 2013, urban idol drama starring 'the reason you are the one'. In April 2014, starring music idol drama 'sing us'. In October 2014, starring in the movie don't have a motive, as female 1 frost. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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