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Qingming outing worth of a few sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-24
Qingming outing in a twinkling of an eye moment is coming again, as a girl, in addition to the love of beauty, but also care the window to the soul -- — Eyes, in this travel season, the eye prevent bask in work can't fall! And you star soar after the sunglasses, fashion sense moment now! Let's have a look at the qingming travel worthy of a few sunglasses. 1, white frame sunglasses to choose this white frames can let whole face look cool and refreshing, and white is the color of super joker, need not worry about the problem of it doesn't match the color and clothing, glasses size, on the face and head type is not so strict, a lot of people can easily manage. 2, frameless sunglasses to buy clothes before we will consider the dress will not old, a small pair of sunglasses also has the effect of increasing age or decreasing age oh, frameless sunglasses like this very delicate delicate, combined with color lenses, even after wearing a handsome face also become sven. 3, the basic model of sunglasses sunglasses sunglasses factory YC9006 fashion square polarized sunglasses for women by the sunglasses, hard to avoid a little dumbfounded, multifarious, don't know what is good for you to pick which vice, removing the function, in the shape of glasses might as well start from basic, oval frame sunglasses no gorgeous publicity design, not bright bright color, but not easily out. Square or circular went to 4, lozenge sunglasses sunglasses, suddenly saw a diamond in the direction of the frame, immediately attracted by its novel, angular shape on the face is more likely to reveal personality and fashionable taste, it is unique, but no exaggeration, as long as you are willing, you can try. 5, the frog mirror sunglasses factory S9201 sunglasses C01 gold frame/lens basket color film dress has a couple, both men and women's sunglasses can completely as lovers mirror, or also may be two people share the mirror, is quite practical, but may not be practical stuff is ordinary oh, unique frog mirror appearance and shiny color film lens are suction eye tool. 6, hollow out sunglasses in many sunglasses styles tend to be of the same case, want to own this kind of different, can be in more detail, diamond and side frames on Ann to the hollow out design of elegant aristocratic temperament, so for the overall LOOK up to the effect that make the finishing point. 7, color sunglasses sunglasses factory YC9702 C7 green box red leg/ms sunglasses lens dazzle colour yellow color sunglasses hot this summer, with it, slap large facial can also have charming scenes, face it and vivid, or beautiful, or whimsy, or noble, or lively, it loudly proclaim their attitude, not only annoying but can make a person fondle admiringly. 8, butterfly butterfly sunglasses sunglasses can block to most of the face, have very good effect to hide facial defects, and butterfly sunglasses very joker, suits most face shapes. Above several sunglasses are now more popular, what specific for design, according to his be fond of and face shape features. Dear friends want beautiful new height, a day after the dress, don't forget to put on before going out an appropriate sunglasses oh, is a matter of health, is beautiful, however, it is indispensable to wardrobe, must attention to oh!
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