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Quan zhixian in the legend of 'blue ocean' in wearing pink sunglasses from GENTLE MONSTER

by:Eugenia     2020-08-08
The legend of 'blue ocean' quan zhixian with pink suits tie-in pink sunglasses enviable; The legend of 'blue ocean' minho for quan zhixian pink dress sunglasses become the embodiment of jealousy. 7 a broadcast of the SBS shuimu play 'the legend of the sea blue set, 7 Shen Qing ( Quan zhixian) Meet a man fish LiuZhengXun ( Cao Zheng Shi) Later, in order to induce He Junzai ( My everything) Envy and battle plan. After know the story of Shen Qing LiuZhengXun with a pink dress and wear pink sunglasses Shen Qing appeared before the He Junzai together, and staged a intimate lover. No regard for He Junzai obstruction, only one Shen Qing LiuZhengXun eyes, Shen Qingze rocking the pink sunglasses show the lovely like to respond to each other, at the same time also makes the audience is very like. Shen Qing pink hat, pink smock dress, tie-in pink brown sunglasses. Gorgeous dress up built the quan zhixian of classic fashion, more reveal her sense of 'Wanna be a star'. 黑彼得01 ( On) 黑彼得S1 ( Below) ( China's official website price: RMB 1610) Quan zhixian in the legend of 'blue ocean' in wearing pink sunglasses from GENTLE MONSTER, as 2017 SS collection launch of the new Black Peter FLATBA series of new products. This series of all use a integrated planar lenses, change consistent lenses into way, using cover the unique design of the lens highlight distinctive brand concept. As the series of main products: Black Peter, adopts the frame of the suborbicular, highlight the girl gentle and lovely temperament. 2017 SS collection is according to the order specified in the brand's official website and offline release, about the Black Peter series products of relevant matters or purchase on the brand's official website. This article from tencent big liao, slightly modified, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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