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Qunying gathered in Mekong, exploring the future of MMA product supervision-acrylic lens processing

by:Eugenia     2022-01-01
The 2nd Global MMA Product Regulatory Conference was held on September 11-13 in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. MMA factories, Thai board factories and Mitsubishi Chemical companies from all over the world from Lucite all gathered in Thailand to discuss how to better implement global product supervision and provide professional and high-quality services to upstream and downstream partners and customers. The meeting also arranged a visit to the board factory. Let upstream MMA manufacturers participate more in the manufacturing process of downstream plate mills in order to provide better services for downstream plate mills. Focus on customer needs, which is very important for the company's long-term sustainable development. Therefore, going to the board factory and understanding the problems and demands of customers will help us strengthen the close contact with customers. During the three-day meeting, each company shared the experiences and problems encountered during the implementation of product supervision with colleagues from other companies. The main content includes the latest implementation of environmental protection laws and regulations in various countries, how to deal with the safety and environmental risks in the application of our MMA products, and the various opportunities and challenges that sustainable development brings to the company. The meeting enhanced the understanding of the headquarters of Mitsubishi Chemical Group and Lucite Corporation about the product supervision work of local enterprises, and at the same time, it also deepened the understanding of the requirements of the headquarters in the product supervision work of local enterprises. The meeting can be a mutual exchange and sharing. Experience, an effective platform to promote cooperation, and provide strong and beneficial support for the company's future business development. Key words: Acrylic lens processing
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