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Rainy days the line of sight fuzzy? Sunglasses can solve!

by:Eugenia     2020-07-28
Every year in summer can make you feel more pressure, high temperature and heavy rains appear alternately, let all people suffering from high temperature burning of heavy rain and hard work. As people having huge, summer driving safety become the focus of social attention. Especially the summer weather is changeable, one to the rainy day, the mist hazy, in pouring rain, motorists can only be agitated, no matter how fast, wiper transferred to still can't see the road in front of the windshield. Recommended reading: summer driving sunglasses myth! Why is rainy days sight blur? Driving rain, fall on the windshield water is easy to become a kind of transparent medium. Especially in the heavy rain, rain brush after the windshield there will be a lot of rain. And rain as a kind of transparent medium, can make the optical scattering round, produces the effect of dazzle light, make other things inside the vision contrast sharply, leading to blurry vision, could not see. In fact is not only on a rainy day, at noon in summer, look under the sink will feel dazzling can't see is the same reason. Trace and clutter of rainwater influence the sensitivity of the human retina, blurry vision. Before a titled 'the practical use of rainy day sunglasses' post on weibo by netizens, as the content is: 'when the heavy rain, even if the wiper transferred to the maximum frequency, still can't see in front of the line of sight. But put on the sunglasses, suddenly, covered over the downpour, like disappeared, only in front of the vehicle, the line of sight clearly. 'Sunglasses generally divided into three kinds, the first is a sunshade, can help keep out light, alleviate eye fatigue caused by and glare and damage; The second is light color sunglasses, color is rich, diverse styles, adornment effect is better than the actual shading effect; Finally is a kind of special use sunglasses, this kind of glasses tend to have strong shading effect, can resist ultraviolet ray, and generally with polarized light function, can eliminate glare, mainly used for driving, skiing, fishing and other activities. Rainy day belongs to special circumstances, under special circumstances to wear sun glasses more need to choose to suit their own style. In can try not to choose a dark sunglasses when driving. Other similar to light blue, pink is adornment effect, such as sunglasses also motorists to use is not recommended. Because the color of sunglasses and a dark sunglasses can cause a certain off color, combined with the glasses will narrow width of vision, vision impact is bigger also. When you are driving on a rainy day, cause disturbance to the human eye, shot up from different directions, though ordinary sunglasses can filter out certain wavelengths of light, but do not change the contrast. Tan is a polariscope glasses is very good choice, with the function of polarized glasses, can reflex the light scattered in the natural light, glare and reflected light barrier of the object, so the driver will find eyes scenery looks soft not dazzling, so the view became clear. If only the ordinary sunglasses, can keep out ultraviolet ray only, no block glare function, the wear in the rain, won't make clear view of the driver.
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