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Raw Wood launch of natural bamboo sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-29
Famous fashion eyewear design brand Raw Wood, have developed many fashionable environmental protection glasses, uphold the innovative idea of sustainable development, using both fashion and environmental protection material of mirrors, making a series of elegant and delicate fashion environmental protection glasses. Recently, the Raw Wood by means of environmental protection and durable material, environmentally friendly and fashionable bamboo glasses series, has been more and more people's attention. Today, small make up to introduce to everyone. Raw Wood, bamboo glasses both environmental protection and fashion, the whole frame adopted bamboo materials, surface treated with polishing technology, fashion sense is very good, more fashionable than ordinary plate, heat resistance stronger. Lens using polaroid lens, long durability, and can isolate 99% uv, wear comfortable and safe. In addition, the unique series of sunglasses style diversity, rich and novel styles, different lens and frame color, let the pursuit of fashionable young people to a variety of different fashion style. Raw Wood as a contemporary famous sunglasses manufacturing company, attaches great importance to the consciousness of environmental protection, uphold the innovative idea of sustainable development, the use of natural bamboo material and durable lenses, launched a series of environmentally friendly and fashionable glasses series, the bamboo into fashion eyewear segment, trying to break the traditional glasses manufacturer innovation mode, let everyone in the glasses at the same time, can also think of the consciousness of protecting the environment. Raw Wood company in the use of these natural bamboo products make glasses, also in Africa, Asia, Latin America, planting trees, don't let the natural bamboo material less and less. Raw Wood will awareness of environmental protection, added to the design of products, every consumer to a consciousness of protecting the environment, to buy environmentally friendly and fashionable bamboo glasses for this season series.
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