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Ray-ban aviator sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-09-02
Cult film Tom cruise in 'top gun' ( 汤姆·克鲁斯) The brad Pitt (, 'fight club' 布拉德·皮特) Leonardo dicaprio in, 'the aviator' ( Leonardo DiCaprio) , and the dream of flying in the takuya kimura's image, they besides is stylish men, trend index, what in common? Yes, it is representative of the aviator sunglasses preferred. Aviator sunglasses are successful in the history of sunglasses, the classic image usually associated with stars, created the immortal legend. As long as the bridge of the nose on a pair of aviator sunglasses, can instantly add some cool. Ray-ban aviator sunglasses, the U. S. air force special products. One day in 1923, an American and popularizing for crossing the Atlantic ocean in driving small aircraft, and has rich experience in flight air force lieutenant to the household bausch & company. In his flying practice, deeply felt strongly the worries of the sun, after the return to base, there are even nausea, vomiting, headache, dizzy, adverse reactions, so feel the pilot really need a pair of aviator sunglasses can absorb much light. Ray-ban RB3025 aviator sunglasses, bausch & lomb company began developed according to the requirements of the air force lieutenant proposed has the efficacy of aviator sunglasses. Until 1930, and finally successfully developed the world's first deputy can protect the pilot aviator sunglasses, green lens of the eye, both can prevent glare and can prevent ultraviolet ray, can maintain a clear visual aspects good eyesight, highly welcome American pilots, and by the United States air force named 'pilot'. In 1937, the pilot sunglasses are to market, and changed its name to 'Ray - Ban ', the meaning of 'Ray' is glare, 'Ban' mean, block, block glare of light is the essence of the aviator sunglasses, since then ray-ban brand officially launched. At the beginning of the new invention of glasses is just the pilot goggles, later, found that it really can absorb more sunlight, less heat emission, can maintain a good capability of clear visual aspect, in the military trial, the result is very satisfied, then gradually in the us. During the second world war, ray-ban lens by the government as the standard of aviator sunglasses, the aviator sunglasses does give the U. S. air force combat mission has brought a lot of convenience, some people even said ray ban for the allied forces won one of world war ii. Aviator sunglasses, popular global fashion former prime during the second world war, American pilots, dressed in a leather jacket, wearing a novel ray-ban aviator sunglasses appear in all over the world, the image of the natural and unrestrained yingwu, greatly improved the ray-ban aviator sunglasses in popularity around the world. At the time, even the us five-star general MacArthur often wear a sunglasses, ray-ban products. Like ZIPPO lighters, has experienced the ray-ban sunglasses pilots of world war ii, became one of the symbols of American troops and at the end of the war quickly became the American popular fashion accessories. The popular trend of sunglasses doesn't like clothing mercurial, classic sunglasses model since the 1950 s is still a large number of fashionable personage, especially in this year, particularly the resurgence of classical sunglasses styles, brands have also joined the wave, and name for the outstanding is the pilot sunglasses. Aviator sunglasses for what face people wear? Clerks in sunglasses fit in with the heart-shaped face people wear. This kind of face usually have broad chin and forehead, too big or too thick line of sunglasses can make facial outline appears more spacious, and small in comparison to the more pointed jaw line. If collocation aviator sunglasses can make some jaw slightly plump. Whether you're wearing Prada suits, or tailored YSL coat, or worn old punk denim jacket, if match with aviator sunglasses, so handsome that let a person cannot ignore right now. So, this item can be enduring, a global phenomenon. Wearing ray-ban aviator sunglasses can make you immediately turns head hundred oh.
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