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Ray-ban ( 雷- Ban) Balze sun series sunglasses release the true self

by:Eugenia     2020-09-02
For a long time, tracing the cause of ladder card group adhere to create glasses products with exquisite craft, with rich category and dazzle colour model case, bring brand-new fashionable style for contemporary urbanite, the more and popular small fresh meat lay cooperation, launched ray-ban ( 雷- Ban) Balze sun sunglasses series, with 'I' as a starting point, break through the stereotypes and deduce belong to youth's unique 'mirror world'. Recommended reading: ray-ban ( 雷- Ban) Recommend ray-ban sunglasses of new fund of 2017 autumn winters balze sun sunglasses series brings together the collision of inheritance and creativity, combination of brand fashion inspiration, make this season's new design more. By the present of double beam design, highlight the glasses itself the modelling of architecture, style extraordinary classic item; Modern stylish frames with bold ideas and halfback modelling, exclusive stylish accessories for fashionable personage custom; Will this season of popular hollow out element applied to the design of the glasses, through the hollow structure interpretation out more technology are new item; Combining with the current color transparent lens, achievement more eye-catching star item. Double beam glasses, as one of the popular new luminescent spot, compared with ordinary glasses modelling more full, with a kind of lightsome, concise, fashionable sense, show the fashionable means of bold and modern. Choose according to the collocation of plasticity, make double beam design to break the boundaries of men and women wearing, avant-garde and has new, changed to beauty, unique classic. Recommended reading: suitable for winter wear three sunglasses it is brand-new deduce of classic ray-ban aviator glasses. Pure steel frame before, make public the double beam, present a boundless lens on the frame structure of special type, these are inherited ray-ban unique DNA. And lay pick a new color combination, this season is to let the classic products become the most eye-catching fashionable item - — Whether it is a brand new bright purple gradient blue mirror lens with black gloss mirror legs, or bright purple gradient silver plane lens with silver mirror legs, or bright orange gradient gold mirror lens with gold mirror legs, are destined to become a young person fondle admiringly.
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