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Ray-ban ( 雷- Ban) Sunglasses of new fund of 2017 autumn winters is recommended

by:Eugenia     2020-09-02
This qiu dong season to let a person look more dull, much less prominent personality, this for your beautiful love cool? Don't have to worry about, wearing ray-ban ( 雷- Ban) 2017 new winter sunglasses, let your unique personality and charming view real-time rendering, the most real and ray-ban, let you fear change! Ray-ban ( 雷- Ban) 2017 autumn winters Aviator Evolve ray-ban sunglasses and one of the most famous pilot introduced a new Evolve, to master lens technology, new interpretation of the classic time, with a new colour to show the beauty of the time. The elegant and delicate metal line draw the outline of its modern temperament. Colored metal frames and innovative optical phase modulation combined with color, changing the charming color in the sun. A remarkably beautiful UV400 uv filters lenses, realize the best visual effects, fully protect the eyes. Charming lens colour has many choices, classic green, or brown, stylish blue and yellow, in different depth of colour match the metal frame, and black frames can yet be regarded as more modern fashionable choice. The real fashionistas must not fear to change yourself. Whether it's the middle of the night or early in the morning, this unique glasses will really turn each beam of light to the colour of profusion. Recommended reading: ray-ban sunglasses general how much is a pair of ray ban ( 雷- Ban) 2017 new winter The Marshal sunglasses new styling Marshal a flawless contour lines, The 2017 best seller a few glasses of advantage, combining The achievements of surging new classic. On its existing Hexagonal angular line, also has The General ray-ban General model of The straight line on The bridge of The nose and The mirror legs, achievement its inherent unique appearance. Select 7 kinds of colour, including polished gold, silver and gray smoke, modern all black. Lens optional classical G15, polarized light green and gray gradient. Added three new gradient mirror lens, more add a few minutes the modern breath. Ray-ban ( 雷- Ban) RB358 sunglasses to overall metal outline outline of new fund of 92017 autumn winters, ultrafine double beam along the position is higher, the charm. Tonal exquisite color picture frame and light color gradient lenses are injected fresh vigor, for its unique design language into fashion temperament. The modern classic light gold metallic glasses optional black, brown, wine red, orange or blue picture frame. New light color gradient multicolor lens avant-garde fashion, all show LeiPengFan son of the 'I'.
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