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Ray-ban frog mirror model have?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-18
Frog mirror is a kind of sunglasses, big lens, lens color can be light brown, gray, celadon, etc. , can also be a reflective coating. In this way can the frog mirror highlights the modern atmosphere, make public, there will be a kind of indomitable stubborn and domineering. In the 70 s, synonymous with basic equal to frog mirror ray-ban sunglasses, two pieces like panda eye lens and the metal frame was the mainstream of frog mirror this is the result of the U. S. air force is swept through the world of fashion rockers, and even today, are very popular. Ray-ban RB3025 unisex sunglass 001/58 gold box blackish green piece let's look at ray-ban frog mirror models: ray-ban frog mirror according to the width of the face design models, models can be divided into: RB 3025, 3026, RB 3523 RB, RB 3449, and the left side of the frame with the corresponding 'RB 3025' or 'RB 3026'. Ray-ban frog mirror design model will have different number and different suffix, represent different glasses style, material and color, some model name is the same, but different suffix, the price is different also. Such as: RB3025 - 004/58 - 62年,RB3025 - 001/5758, which is on behalf of the same style glasses, but the color of the lens and frame, material also different. Ray-ban sunglasses RB3523 men 112/2 y/golden brown/dazzle colour powder piece so be sure to see when buying ray-ban frog mirror model, the color of the lens and frame, material, there is a little different, it is possible to prices vary considerably. The introduction of more ray-ban frog mirror or product details, can go to see glasses sunglasses factory network.
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