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Ray-ban in greater China brand spokesperson lay new series of cooperation

by:Eugenia     2020-07-27
Ray - focus glasses global brands Ban ray-ban, hand in hand for greater China brand spokesperson lay, on June 1, due to offer a summer season fashion gift - — Ray-ban x series lay cooperation to push two all-new, Ray - Ban Andrea and Ray - Ban Marshal II with unprecedented colour combination and unique cool modelling, inspire the young generation consumers 'real' my motive force, with a firm determination to face the challenge and the heart, loud voice belongs to own the declaration of 'I', will cause the hot ray-ban 'come true' brand promotion activities to a new height. Ray-ban x series lay cooperation new large advertising ray-ban x series lay cooperation launched last year triggered by a warm response, let 'come true' these three words quickly became popular with the younger generation of spirit. This campaign to show two groups of unique large ray-ban 'young, fearless, and I' brand attitude at the same time, more saw the ray-ban always with young consumers in realizing self value 'true' on the way of life unchanged beginner's mind. Ray-ban has never been a flash in the pan, fleeting fashionable thing in the world, and its wearer, refused to grandstanding, fear secular vision, always adhere to the inner voice, to face the challenge of conventions, find the true self, plenty talented and emotion, the practice of his own that copy of the declaration of 'I' - — The lay in a large, camera he wears witnessed his struggle, growth, transformation, ray-ban sunglasses for all the way, the unique light. Marked on each goal in front of the background plate of 'life', his toughness, all-round challenge ourselves to make a practical action, tell every dream practitioners - — 'To really, want to go walk, do the best'. Lay said: 'very honored and ray ban in the New Year again as the new 'true' road trip, I believe that only adhere to the' self 'to achieve your dreams, I look forward to every young friends like I found and have the power to' self '. 'Ray-ban x series lay cooperation new advertising ray-ban is cool feels dye-in-the-wood sheets of iconic brands, bring eternal classic fashion, a symbol of the true self and free expression. Since the date of birth, ray-ban is the global trend culture has a unique and profound influence. Nowadays, ray-ban has become synonymous with 'I', wear ray-ban, they made a unique, and the launch of the new Ray - Ban Andrea and Ray - Ban Marshal II as the latest carrier ray-ban spirit more. 雷- Ban Andrea RB3595 square metal outline with the retro classic, fine steel floor mirror legs tie-in color bath lens, and there are three kinds of unique color combination, respectively is green mirror frame and black lens with soot, light purple water lens with black frames and light purple mirror feet, pale blue water mirror lens with gold frame and white feet. Ray-ban x series Ray - lay cooperation Ban Andrea RB3595Ray- Ban the Marshal II RB3648M creative inspiration comes from the 2017 global ray-ban Ray - of one of the best-selling model Ban Marshal ray-ban princes. 雷- Ban Marshal in classic princes money box type II into Ray - Ban Hexagonal ray-ban hexagon iconic and Ray - edges and corners General Ban General ray-ban style classic liang and mirror legs, and USES the high quality with molding outline in the picture frame design and avant-garde fashionable feeling. Available color: green polarized lens with gold metal frame and black lens foot; Purple gradient mirror lens with gold metal frame and white feet; Blue gradient lens on black metal frame and blue lens. Ray-ban x series Ray - lay cooperation Ban Marshal II RB3648M series in this cooperation, a new Ray - Ban Andrea and Ray - Ban Marshal II will be ray-ban stores, ray-ban's official website, such as designated official launch. Recommended reading: glasses design brand MODELE new appreciation
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