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Ray-ban necessary star without makeup dare out of the street

by:Eugenia     2020-08-12
Jessica Alba although somebody else's hand holding the children, hand carry bags, may still without makeup, but delicate little face on a pair of ray-ban classic sunglasses, she like out-of-touch fairy.

Rachel Bilson, dressed in a red tights, peach general cheek with ray-ban sunglasses right restoring ancient ways, cover the top of the two big eyes and at the same time, also against the big star's low-key style.

the Sienna Miller followed by Jude - but big handsome boy Law, two lovers glasses is the tacit understanding, the Sienna - Miller wore a pilot drops sunglasses, but no less big rocks.

Fergie voice don't have to praise, but the fine lines of the canthus is numerous, doesn't matter, the somebody else have a pair of universal ray-ban sunglasses, you see, who wear it also can see that this is a the & # 8220; Older & # 8221; The girl?

kirsten Dunst is ray-ban's diehard ah, her alone there are countless countless kinds of ray-ban style, is the so-called change glasses than in her boyfriend also frequently, just for love without makeup, Taurus is not deep, she provided a good shelter.
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