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Ray-ban new folding sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-19
Ray-ban sunglasses founded in 30 s, as the U. S. air force and system, to keep out high fierce light. So ray-ban lenses are in high quality optical glass manufacturing, bring you a number of outstanding advantages. 100% of the special function of anti ultraviolet ray ban lenses ultraviolet prevention function, ANSIZ80 completely in line with the United States. EN1836 3, Europe and Australia AS1067 quality testing standards. Very visual clarity through accurate manufacturing and grinding process, no optical deviation, ray-ban lenses after wear will not lead to eye fatigue, headaches and fatigue. Ray-ban recently released its Wayfarer model of this new folding glasses. Here we can special mention, Wayfarer glasses released early in 1953, and this year is the 60th anniversary of the, maybe it is a special year, Ray - Ban will launch some new glasses. Since the beginning of the Wayfarer was lionized by celebrities from all walks of life, there are big stars like JamesDean, AudreyHepburn support. Special launched a folding Wayfarer glasses this summer, and will be used to fit the summer has as many as four color can choose. Glasses is summer people go out to the necessary sheet is tasted, but sometimes will be deposit has some troubles, now this kind of folding glasses undoubtedly saved a lot of space for people, improve the portability.
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