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Ray-ban Ray Ban 2140

by:Eugenia     2020-08-30
2140 is a classic ray-ban Wayfarer style, translation for hikers, ray-ban formed since the 50 s, has been the ray-ban selling styles. Audrey Hepburn, President Kennedy and other celebrities have choose this style. Can say that this style is being loved by people around the world in the past, and now it is no less. Ray-ban sunglasses ray-ban sunglasses 2014 is the first modern sunglasses, also with the old one to improve taste, style restoring ancient ways is the better choice. It comes from the numerous star to ordinary people like and back at home and abroad for decades still maintain sales, the first popular design. Ray-ban sunglasses 2140 lens is G15 lens dark green glass lenses, which began in the 1940 s, Dr. Aaron company for the U. S. air force pilot production of ultraviolet protective goggles. Ray-ban sunglasses has led to the rise of contemporary sunglasses. Ray-ban Ray Ban 2140 kinds. There are three kinds of ray ban 2140, respectively is 2140214 A and 2140 f. 2140 is the design of early, call the world ( 词) 。 2140 a is Asia ( 亚洲健康) , 2140 a in order to solve the problem of asians bridge of the nose is lower than westerners, increase the height of its bazoo holds. 2140 f is done according to the Asian face some of the details on the improvement, mainly in order to increase the wearing comfort, such as adjusting the forward Angle and so on. 2140 a future will gradually disappear in sunglasses on the market, and 2140 f will continue to improve, increasing the sales efforts and gradually in the Chinese market instead of 2140 and 2140 a. Bridge of the nose paragraphs world than the world 4 cm high, the nose is relatively shorter and more appropriate.
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