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Ray-ban Ray - Ban sunglasses custom services

by:Eugenia     2020-08-26
On July 18, international famous brand sunglasses Ray - Ban( Ray-ban) Recently on its website launched Ray Ban want online services, custom sunglasses lens, frame and mirror legs, from the style, size, material or color, consumers can choose according to his be fond of, and in the legs and mirror box engraved on his own individuality signature. 雷- Ban want online customization Showroom experience field at present, ray-ban provides customizable styles including Origianl Wayfarer Aviator pilots classic, classic hikers and New Wayfarer New hikers series, and retro CLUBMASTER, or star common Wayfarer, etc. Selection of lens include standard lens, the gradient lenses and mirrors and polarized lens. According to understand, the service first in ray-ban America's official website online, and on July 10, 2014 in China's official website. At present, the custom officer in China ray-ban sunglasses online price from 1080 yuan to 1880 yuan, reservation, need 10 days or so the arrival of the goods. It is reported, to start the innovative experience type service, Ray - Ban ray-ban special invited Taiwan singer and songwriter become Ray - ok The first honor to Ban want online custom service customers. Ok for their custom made a pair of Aviator pilots classic style, black frame and cover, and green mirror, and engraved on the glasses box has her character signature STAY COOL. Miss Taiwan singer and songwriter ok to wear her custom classic ray-ban Aviator pilots is Andrea Group, Rosa foti card group) Brand, is also the world sales brand sunglasses and optical glasses. Rosa foti card group is the world's major providers glasses industry. Company in North America, Asia and the Pacific, China, South Africa, and Europe altogether has more than 6200 optical glasses and sunglasses retail store image from the network, if you want to delete please contact
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