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Ray Ban ray-ban sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-10
In 1853, german-american John & # 183; Bosch and Henry & # 183; Creating a wave bausch & lomb company, specializes in the development of eyecare products production. To the beginning of the 20th century, bausch can already be relying on advanced technology and excellent craft, the mass production quality optical lenses. In 1920, the United States air force commissioned bausch developing a pilot special goggles, dazzling glare with high up in the air. A few years later, the world's first deputy green lens sunglasses was born. The glasses can prevent glare and uv protection, thus has the pilot.
in 1930, Dr. Aaron production formally designed products listed by the U. S. air force pilot sunglasses. In 1936, Dr. Aaron will be this kind of sunglasses on the market, in 1937 changed its name to the & # 8220; 雷- Ban” 。 “ Ray” Mean light, & # 8220; Ban” Mean block, since then the & # 8220; Ray-ban & # 8221; Brand officially launched. Hollywood star sunglasses become popular in the 1930 s, which makes the ray-ban sunglasses on the market soon, has become a popular American popular fashion accessories.
in the 1940 s, ray-ban has produced have tilted the mirror surface for the U. S. air force sunglasses, provide users with a big vision protection. During the second world war, American pilots, dressed in a leather jacket, wearing a novel ray-ban sunglasses appear in all over the world, the image of the natural and unrestrained yingwu, greatly improved the ray-ban sunglasses popularity around the world. At the time, even the us five-star general MacArthur often wear a sunglasses, ray-ban products. Like ZIPPO lighters, ray-ban sunglasses after world war ii, became one of the symbols of American troops and at the end of the war as a fashion product, quickly catch on around the world.
with the passage of time, sunglass is more and more popular, and gradually by fashion jewelry, into the essentials of everyday life. In the 1950 s, ray-ban to market with multicolor lens and big picture frame fashionable sunglasses, at the same time introduced a female sunglasses series. Crack in the '60 s, ray-ban lenses, its wild and stylish sunglasses style design. Discolouration of the launched in the 70 s, ray-ban sunglasses can be in a different light, provide the wearer with clear visual sense. In the mid - 80 - s, Tom & # 183; Cruise in 'top gun' wear classic ray-ban aviator sunglasses modelling is popular all over the world, set off a ray-ban sunglasses hot. Since then, for the recognition of ray-ban outstanding contribution to fashion, the American institute of popularity to its weight very heavy design award.
from the brand establishment, ray-ban has been the best-selling sunglasses brand in the world. To support the achievement of, ray-ban is consistent high quality and elegant design. Bausch & lomb company constantly innovative optical technology, makes the high quality lenses become one of the big selling point of the ray-ban sunglasses. Ray-ban lens is given priority to with glass, shading effect is extremely strong, all lenses can effectively block harmful ultraviolet light, and screening of infrared light and other harmful rays. Now use the polarizing film technology, make the light a many reduction in the damage to the eyes. Ray-ban frame design and manufacturing are also good, no matter under what circumstances, can make people comfortable to wear.
for many years, ray-ban sunglasses types continue to increase, and form a traditional, contemporary and future three style series. In addition, depending on the consumption object, ray-ban sunglasses is divided into a gentleman, lady, sports three types: stable gentleman type noble; The fair maiden type handsome and elegant; Sport is full of sunshine to move feeling.
the eternal design style, concise style and good quality, no doubt become the ray-ban this brand through nearly 70 years after enduring still important elements.
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