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Ray-ban sunglasses children series highlights

by:Eugenia     2020-09-03
The hot summer months, uv strong, children are outdoor activities is very easy to damage eyes. Ray-ban brand launched many children sunglasses, prevent ultraviolet stimulation is used to help children. Lu Yijia belle also have a pair of! Here are a few recommendations, mom and dad are fast and see it. Pilot series ray-ban is this pilot and adventurer is dedicated to build for the future of a special youth series, the series of sunglasses classic metal tonal collocation, such as gun color and matte black, also have a more playful light to choose from, such as pale blue satin and flour. Party animal series new perfect combination with the dazzle colour film layer, restoring ancient ways of Eva proud after wearing it cool! New hikers series hiker youth sunglasses it is pure rock style! The new Wayfarer hiker youth with unheard of sunglasses will be vivid and present your childhood time. Has a classic shape of ray-ban sunglasses, the sunglasses though smaller size, but all have ray-ban traits: eternal, cool, rock, personality, and absolutely free! Nylon smooth nylon texture picture frame series, fun colors. Let the children immediately sends out a fashionable temperament, become the focus of attention.
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