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Reading glasses are by no means 'universal' items, they require optometry to be equipped with glasses_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-12
Many people will have presbyopia after reaching a certain age. At this time, everyone knows that they need to wear glasses. And reading glasses have a certain degree, so we only need to buy the glasses through the formal channels. Many people choose glasses directly, but you may not find that presbyopia does not mean that you can buy reading glasses directly. Such glasses are not universal items. You need to go for optometry before you can get glasses. It is risky to have glasses without refraction. You should know that the appearance of presbyopia is actually related to your age. Similar problems will appear after the lens ages. If you don’t go for optometry, how do you know what kind of glasses you need? And when you go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination, in addition to the vision check, you should also consider your intraocular pressure and fundus. Some people may have similar problems because of cataracts or glaucoma. It does not mean that reading glasses can solve the problem. of. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone should go to the hospital for examination in advance, and then get glasses. It must be replaced regularly. Your age is growing. Although the degree of myopia may not change anymore, the degree of reading glasses is always changing, and the degree of presbyopia will become deeper and deeper. Therefore, once the reading glasses are found to be inappropriate, it is recommended that you change them in time and go to the hospital for optometry. Don't be greedy for cheap and casually buy reading glasses. Now reading glasses are really everywhere. You may be able to buy reading glasses for 10 yuan at a street stall. Everyone needs to know the same power, but the quality of the lens is different, and the power of the lens may be very different. In addition, some lenses have poor light transmittance, which may cause damage to the eyes. In fact, the price of some brands of reading glasses is not very high, but they can guarantee a very good wearing effect. Such professional products are worthy of your choice.
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