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Ready sunglasses together to get the magic eye to develop three laws

by:Eugenia     2020-08-05
A pair of talking magic eye, can be more than just a big eye combined with double eyelid so simple. Want eyes power is dye-in-the-wood, the following form the key of electric eye must get! When get these rules might as well prepare for a pair of sunglasses, there is no magic eye what to do with sunglasses covered up, instead more tasty! ~ gucci GG1107 / F/S a key: unisex sunglass black 263 wj look look look look whether god eyes, eyes again big, the eye shape has been down will give people listlessly, sullen and impression. And as the growth of the age, skin sagging will also change the eye shape, canthus part from slightly higher to droop, more highlights the old feeling. Makeup concealer to upward inclined sweep method fill the drooping eye end pigment deeper position, do promotion effect on the vision, but the discharge makeup will immediately be back 'prototype', so the firming eye week skin massage can't not! Key 2: eyelashes slightly raise the eyelash can let your eyes power up up! Eyelashes thick can deepen eye position and make eyes more concentrated, and clear up eyelash can let his eyes like the fawn lovely elves. Many girls have ignored the importance of eye make-up remover, select mild but also has the repair effect of water and oil mixture discharge makeup fluid can reduce the magnitude of the discharge makeup and time, at the same time to reduce the harm of eyelash to the lowest. Many repair eyelash growth liquid is oily texture, greasy after use feeling eyes discomfort, use eye cream and cosmetics containing vitamin B and E ingredients can effectively strengthen the eyelashes and roots, and reduce the loss. Key 3: eye week skin brightness black rim of the eye and eye dark overshadow any makeup look, a lot of problem, and deepen the tired feeling, feeling gloomy, common sense and look at other eyes caused by the electronic screen pressure makes the blood circulation around the eyes, lead to problems such as black rim of the eye. High temperature of summer is absolutely not prevent bask in work, of course, the eye also can't be ignored! Sun's harmful rays may hurt your skin, causing the appearance of fine lines and spots, also can lead to the appearance of dark circles, so to go out with best sun hat or sunglasses, eye week daub is also good sunscreen products. Gucci GG3635 / ms N/F/S sunglasses in black flower Z96HD five-step massage fuck firming eye week skin Step1: first of all, prepare a right eye cream eye skin, in the form of dots in eye week points according to certain distance with, so that we can make eye frost full contact eye skin, massage can also avoid the dry eye and skin eye strain. Step2: the right hand middle finger and ring finger point to an abdomen below the eye, according to the direction of eye to eye head to push on, be gentle strength, do not pull to eye skin, keep the action frequency of five times. Step3: wait until the last action refers to push on the abdomen to the end of the eye, will be the middle finger of stomach gently press at the position of the upper eyelid, below the ring finger point to an abdomen is in the eyes, then think about the direction of the temple made lift movement. Pay attention to both hands to keep unity frequencies. Step4: pushing, mentions the action on the finished, then press with middle finger and index finger point to an abdomen pointed rubbing his temples, close your eyes and relax the eye skin, gently press knead, repeat 3 times can be provided for each eye. Step5: finally be together with his hands covering, palm rub each other, until the palms slowly heat up, just apply the warm palm on the eye skin, keep the 1 minute time, concentration, close your eyes, feel the temperature of the palm, keep 1 minute of time.
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