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Reasonable wear sunglasses can prevent blinding eye disease

by:Eugenia     2020-08-10
Introduction: recently, sales in the world the first brand ray-ban sunglasses and optical glasses eye center of Peking University held hand in hand 'cutting-edge research press conference,' released parties conducted a study of blue light damage and protection research, the results of research projects, to celebrate the lens cutting-edge research made breakthrough progress. Ray-ban special research project with the eye center of Peking University on June 6, 2009, the national sight day start, after 6 months, dominated by eye center of Peking University, ray-ban provides research and development funding and lens materials, with ray-ban lenses as the research subject, one of the use of eye center of Peking University is leading the contrast analysis of the study on the visual behavior of blue light on the retina injury, and to explore how the protective blue light damage. Wavelength of 450 nm - 495 nm blue light was part of the energy in the visible light spectrum, long time exposure to blue light can cause retinal degenerative changes. In the field of clinical medicine is embodied in many eye related diseases, such as age-related macular degeneration ( AMD) , which is one of the world's major blinding eye disease. Regular sunglasses can filter is 96% commonly - 98% of the wavelength at 280 nm 400 nm uv light. This time was validated by test, participate in the test of the ray-ban lenses for a wavelength of 470 nm blue light transmittance is less than 15%. Further through the study of the comparative study on the visual behavior of the test object, after the simulation of blue light damage, ray-ban lenses for test object of retinal protection performance excellence. Effective filtration at the same time the ray-ban lenses in blue and ultraviolet (uv) at the same time, also big limit to restore the real color of the object, make sure that the wearer has more clear field of vision. The scientific research project of the main leaders, Beijing university professor of center of ophthalmology, Peking University third hospital scientific bureau director riccio, professor of Peking University third hospital during a meeting with Dr Xiao-yong Chen in the media research details research project was introduced in detail. Riccio professor said: 'the eye center of Peking University is shouldering the mission of scientific research innovation of prevention and treatment of eye diseases. This would be glad to cooperate with global advanced ray-ban glasses brand, to conduct the thorough research to the blue light damage and protection. The right eye protection can effectively prevent and avoid a lot of blindness, including macular degeneration, cataract, etc the happening of the disease. Simple way is daily wear qualified sunglasses, pay attention to the uv protection. Eye center of Peking University, Peking University third hospital has advanced scientific research platform and the domestic good advanced equipments, we will be long-term commitment to new technology and research means to protect people's eyes to contribute to the health. At the same time we also to ray-ban such innovation, thanked the rich social responsibility of the enterprise. 'This is the first time the ray-ban brand with Chinese scientists conducted research projects, ray-ban more hope through the support to China's scientific research institutions and the relevant protection technology research, encourage innovation lens technology, and in the Chinese public to promote and popularize the uv protection and eye health awareness.
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