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Red west benevolence wear dark glasses appeared in black airport by containment

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
Said to star appeared in the airport were contained in normal and said to the stars wear sunglasses in the airport already inured to the weird, but when it comes to fans too enthusiasm 'liao' star strip are rare people ha ~ recently, Japanese actor red west benevolence wear black glasses in black appeared in the airport, England fan is very, very handsome! Wear black red west benevolence cybercrimes when pick up the lobby, arrived in Hong Kong is nearly surrounded by fans, scrambling to raise machine pictures, and constantly emit squeaks, scenes of chaos. Then red west benevolence stop for the media, but did not answer any questions, along the red west benevolence smile face, all show a populist. Exhausted, red on black car after west benevolence, and waved to fans on the bus for V, more heat to take off the coat, to screaming female fans excited. See don't know what did you think of this scene, small make up is by his hip-hop, restore ancient ways, handsome sunglasses, round black frame sunglasses is a symbol of restoring ancient ways, but the round sunglasses more fractious, face not perfect person is no courage to attempt, the appearance of red west benevolence level and how high is confident! If you also want to make red west benevolence this handsome, modelling, British style restoring ancient ways, and then choose a pair of fashionable sunglasses, the following a few sunglasses contrast color bright point, but it can increase your more light; Size and style is easier to manage, suitable for most people face, dear friends in need can click to buy. Ray-ban sunglasses RB4222 men 6226/8 g grey/gray piece ray-ban RB3537 185/11 men sunglasses blue/grey piece of west benevolence was born on July 4, 1984, jiangdong district of Tokyo, Japan's actor, singer, music producer. KAT - before Exit after a member of the top, has appeared in TV series 'extremely way XianShi 2' and 'Anego', starring series leisure club, personal 'Eternal', single album 'Test Drive', 'Japonicana'.
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