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Reflective glasses take well to the leading fashion

by:Eugenia     2020-07-27
Reflective sunglasses on is supposed to be 2014, until now in the past two years, reflective sunglasses are still fashionable street default pluses. The street in ten girls have six glance is wearing sunglasses + bite lip makeup, dress up beautiful clothes, not to say what's wrong with this dress, but is enough reflective sunglasses a 'bright', if deserve to go up beautiful beautiful clothes and makeup, can appear very pompous, we learn to use low-key clothes, makeup look to contrast sunglasses hyperbole. Reflective sunglasses + bright color lipstick, bright color coat, also match the hat and Choker ( Collar) , the whole body style window too much can easily be lost. Reflective glasses very grab attention, so if the texture of the metal is bad, will directly pull down the grade of the whole body is tie-in. Want to wear a reflective sunglasses, the key to balance modelling feeling, don't too hard, not letter you see: the whole body is dark gray, neutral coat and agile style, these are all in order to deliberately 'low key', the only outstanding circular mirrors. Lily Aldridge also increase modelling are paired with a collar, but you didn't find her choice & quot; Light & quot; To highlight the makeup of sunglasses? The fashion bloggers in extremely loose casual clothes, with a pair of reflective sunglasses, seems to want the fashionable feeling and free and easy unruly fan show more fully! Wide white shirt tie-in cool reflective glasses, a pair of freely and easy fei, although is flaming lips, but it seems to free and easy to add a bit sexy charm, no conflict. Recommend a reflective sunglasses: sunglasses factory ms YC9703 sunglasses C3 YC9711 men sunglasses black/dazzle colour blue sunglasses factory C1 black/dazzle colour red
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