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Resin lens brand_Lens knowledge

by:Eugenia     2022-02-05
No matter what brand of lenses, quality recognition is intuitively important. The excellent characteristics of resin lenses also make it a very high sales ratio in the market. It also shows that resin lenses are very popular in the market. The resin lens brand will only enter the hearts of more people after more recognition and praise. Let's take a look at the brand of resin lenses. Essilor France Essilor Group is a relatively large optometry company, with a good reputation in the market of corrective lenses and well-known in the world. Essilor not only pays attention to the development of lenses, but also pays special attention to lens processing equipment. For example, the development of various automatic edge cutting machines makes the production of lenses precise and easy. The Essilor lens series shows the advantages of the Essilor lens. Regardless of whether it is a single lens or a gradient lens or other, the optical performance of the lens is excellent, and the coating technology is also very excellent. Now Essilor has formed four major brands Wanlilu (Varliux progressive film), Essilor universe film (Airwear polycarbonate lens), diamond crystal (Crizal multi-layer coating), and full line of sight (Transition color film). Every lens of Ssilor is a leader in the lens industry. TAG Heuer Japan's TAG Heuer lenses are also well-known in the field of advanced resin lenses in the world. Their high-quality optical performance and technology are at the forefront of the lens industry, and they also have high sales in the market. At present, the spectacle lenses, contact lenses, intraocular lenses, advanced frames, optometry and processing equipment produced by HOYA are widely accepted and received universal praise. TAG Heuer takes the lead in adopting different refractive index sheets and special methods of hardening layers with different refractive indexes; TAG Heuer exclusively uses hardened buffer layers worldwide to ensure the accuracy of the lens and avoid visual interference. The coating technology adopts the international leading VP coating and SFT coating; the lens surface has a unique hardening technology, which is more durable; the vacuum coating technology, the lens has the characteristics of clear, natural and good film stability. Zeiss Zeiss lenses are well-known around the world for their excellent quality and high-tech technical content. The brand image can be said to be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Zeiss products have always been highly appreciated by professionals, such as telescopes, microscopes, professional camera mirrors, high-precision instruments, etc., are all recognized as excellent products. Zeiss is also a world-recognized brand, and Zeiss products are Representative of quality and quality. Zeiss's lenses are extremely fine, with very small errors, and the error control of the lenses is incredible. Zeiss lenses are very useful for controlling the dispersion coefficient in the co-rental. The dispersion phenomenon is also discovered by the founder of Zeiss. In addition, ZEISS lenses strictly guarantee the extremely high light transmittance, and the lens coating adopts the lotus film, and the lens achieves the characteristics of high light transmittance, clarity and easy cleaning of the lens. The coated lenses have undergone 5-layer fastness tests, and the quality of the lenses is strictly required. OULE lens OULE lens adopts German Leybold film, the film layer is harder, the vision is good, and the effect of effectively filtering out ultraviolet rays. Both the front and back surfaces of the lens have anti-reflection coatings, which can prevent reflections and have a clearer vision. The unique anti-radiation film can resist the radiation in daily life; the lens also has the characteristics of wear resistance, dust resistance and high light transmission. The aspheric design reduces the aberration at the edge of the lens; the horizontal asymmetric design enables a better balance of vision; the OULE single-lens is designed separately to reduce the sense of shaking and adapt faster. The transmitted light tracking design exclusively developed by OULE combines the characteristics of human eye movement with the actual wearing feeling, and at the same time corrects the deviation of the oblique direction when the legitimate light enters the bottom surface of the lens, giving the wearer a better visual experience.
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