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Restoring ancient ways is to play the sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-30
Position of different thin plastic ring with two pieces of metal structure of the colored lenses, simply constructed the sun glasses is not the same face. For fashionable personage, sunglasses in addition to have sunshade useful value, is still a beautiful cool, manufacture excellent accessories star quality. Sunglasses factory S9103 sunglasses C01 frame black/lens gradient gray and retro personality! This summer, when the big frame glasses again ballyhooed will restore ancient ways personality is now in front of everyone, the collection of the elegant, sexy, cute, which integrates the sun glasses became the center focus of tide. If you want to become a fashion person, so this year's summer must purchase retro sunglasses. What is the character of restoring ancient ways the sun glasses? The retro sunglasses extreme personality is similar to the 1950 s was popular big sunglasses, big glasses, a large picture frame, the area is almost captured a third and half of the face, like the actress Audrey Hepburn was wearing white frame sunglasses, 'the big picture frame and lenses' as the main characteristic, is full of stars. YC9801C1 black female fashion sunglasses factory big box polarized sunglasses restoring ancient ways this year to restore ancient ways of individuality sunglasses with circular and square shape to change blueprint, the expansion of the oval shape is the most popular glasses, angular square sunglasses is also a trend. Such a large glass frame sunglasses become more prominent, the outline of the outline of the line of the whole pair of sunglasses, foil gadites face more stereo feeling. Real criteria best performing criterion a: lens is bigger, the better, but according to face to choose, such as round face to wear the glasses have pitted, and square face, on the other hand. Rule 2: the color of the frame to unexpectedly, such as white like Hepburn restoring ancient ways is the best interpretation of personality. Rule 3: this retro personality glasses very grab an eye, the style of the big picture frame lens easy to attract people's attention, also will make up for a lack of clothing you mix the aspect, make you full of star quality. Three retro criterion this summer sun glasses blow wind restoring ancient ways, all kinds of popular new retro sunglasses. Meanwhile, there are three type of mirror by all the praise highly fashionable everyone's favorite. Vintage: bedding face black flies covering half of bedding face face black flies mirror again summoned the elegance of agitation restoring ancient ways, the stars favorite sunglasses, lens area is large, with nostalgic flavour big circular, elliptic and square, it has a large frame, wear in melon seed face, elegant, can let a person become more charming is spruce is big this year heat sunglasses styles. Anta AT8006 white 2014 new vogue big box Europe and the United States to restore ancient ways ms polarized sunglasses alternative to restore ancient ways: hackers cool type lens has a square shape, and adopted the pure black and dark lenses sunglasses today on the garment stage. More particularly, this year such as the matrix of the protagonists of is not only loved to wear sunglasses cool love for men, more won the favour of many little girls. At Dior, Prada etc. , the world's biggest fashion show, models have to wear glasses, this is the hacker personality with the colorful fashion clothing, has an extraordinary charm. Tide loading + hackers mirror, want to and the different, so mix! Move feeling restoring ancient ways: stick eye movement mirror sport sunglasses in every season always attaches great importance to by young people. While participating in outdoor sports, summer is both useful and beautiful sports sunglasses will come in handy. This year's new sports sunglasses used the characteristics of big sunglasses that are Shared by restoring ancient ways, and original coiled form of planning. Meanwhile, some sports mirror in water sports, for planning inspiration, water skiing, surfing, jet ski sports fans to supply the most suitable for selection. Professional sunglasses have a good selection for other sports supplies. Like to wear while playing tennis tennis sunglasses, with amber lenses can absorb blue light, the clarity helps to keep the line of sight in the process of movement, the frame sunglasses also have bind planning into the cool in the basketball amateur sports accessories.
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