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RETROSUPERFUTURE new 'Filo Pool' mirror

by:Eugenia     2020-08-23
RETROSUPERFUTURE new 'Filo Pool' lens, RETROSUPERFUTURE comes from the famous Italian hand glasses manufacturer, the brand is mainly by Daniel and Simon Beckerman was founded in 2007. Its products are mainly the sun glasses is given priority to, the design is shirt-sleeve tradition of classical and modern fashion elements, each work is unique, fashionable every corner in the world of fashion in recent years, also won the favour of many industry experts. In recent years, the RETROSUPERFUTURE with its unique creativity and superb technology, has quickly become one of the most popular fashion glasses brand. And the brand in addition to the sun glasses, constant innovation, has launched a variety of interesting fashion sheet is tasted, one of the most good at is the soul of the injection in the outline of classic fashion, make the style of the RETROSUPERFUTURE is exquisite and elegant and delicate. Recommended reading: what are the good sunglasses brand? Sunglasses is hot summer, a necessary sheet is tasted, for its summer series again recently RETROSUPERFUTURE mirror adds a new product, bring the brand-new 'Filo Pool' series of mirror. We can see from this new lens designer adopted polygon contour design, and with irregular water pattern decoration, white translucent acetate material to build framework, then carry on the dark lenses for its design, overall very nifty atmosphere, very suit to wear in the summer. The RETROSUPERFUTURE bring us this new 'Filo Pool' series mirror is now officially in the brand's official website as well as the designated retailers to sell, selling price is 179 euro, interested friends can go to the choose and buy.
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