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Reveal xie xian never pick sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-07
Everyone knows the name of Nicholas tse, but his father Patrick tse when young's popularity is more red than Nicholas tse. Although has a 80 - year - old xie xian is a 13-year state, but because of the river lake status and charming personality, never fade from public view. Attentive person xie xian each occurrence, whether by taking snapshots or take part in the variety show, always wears a pair of sunglasses, almost never to true. Sunglasses worn by many, speculation debated. Eat the melon mass speculation must be eyes don't look good wearing sunglasses modesty, xie four elder brother is also handsome boy a well when he was young. Eat the melon people continue to say after that is the older not good-looking, drooping eye bags appear not handsome. But xie xian sunglasses at 24 hours is 360 degrees with no dead Angle, even in the movie is sunglasses never picked from beginning to end, it is part of the body rhythm! Sports sunglasses factory 8483 gun color code alloy square sunglasses polarized sunglasses in male money this last century puzzle finally solved by Patrick tse, 15 years when he took part in a variety show, in the conference, xie xian recalled his acting career, jokingly explained why so keen sunglasses, he said: 'young teacher said I have a peach blossom in my eyes, I wear sunglasses is to encounter block up, not with the eyes what disability, gross. 'But there are times in a program, Patrick tse took off her sunglasses under the repeated requests of the host. 。 。 。 。 。 Found that under the shades of Patrick tse was a swollen optic vesicle, pouch is very obvious, eyelid drooping severely also, the age of 80 exposed! I'm afraid this two reasons cause the deny the old, love be cool 'four' didn't want to took off her dark glasses!
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