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Robert Geller launch new sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-18
RobertGeller( Robert geller) Was a german-born American fashion designer, is one of the hottest men's wear designer in New York today. Won the CFDA fashion menswear design award. At an early age, who used to work in MarcJacobs and Cloak, create their own brand name RobertGeller in 2006. Then RobertGeller not only focus on clothing field, are beginning to design some fashion accessories, this season will be more than sunglasses on sale include directory. This season to sell sunglasses series emphasizes the low-key composed of the gentleman qualities, based in Japan handmade mirror process. With sedate black classic round, square frames, with tortoise shell material with rectangular frames, in addition, the brand according to different user preferences this sunglasses sold double color picture frame material. Also included with the metal frame of restoring ancient ways, adhere to the design style of nostalgia.
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