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Round face for what the shape of the sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-09
Face there are many kinds of people, such as a rounder face, square face, frame, oval, round face is very lovely, of course also want to deserve to go up for the sunglasses will be more attractive. That face the most taboo is round sunglasses, is more suitable for angular HengShi relation is the vertical frame, for example, a square frame, this can ease the za a fat face. If you want a better modification effect, can choose the frame along the longer style. Recommended design: sunglasses factory YC9705 general sunglasses C1 bright black/lenses grey anta AT8005C1 black polarized sunglasses fashion sunglasses big box we in the choose and buy sunglasses at the same time, in addition to choose according to their own face, can also from the five senses. ( Related: what kind of sunglasses in order to better modify the face? ) See only vertical lines, face nose nose is emphasis on the line, can enhance the depth of the face. Nose short people should choose sunglasses, above the lens frame joint in the opposite should choose connector in the bottom of the sunglasses, can effectively 'to shorten the length of the nose. Eyeglass frame joint high sunglasses also suitable for large nose, if the frame is not touching the nose, sunglasses and the framework itself is fine, is a better effect. Look at eyes eyes different location in the lens will give a different impression. Generally speaking, the eye position deviation, appear to play around, listless; Lower feel funny. Imagination will split in two laterally glasses, eyes in the 'line' slightly to the position for the best. The adjustment of the eye position through glasses nose pad and glasses legs. See his eyebrows eyebrow is very important influence on face image and eyebrows and sunglasses frame on at qi, slightly higher than the framework is most ideal. On curved eyebrows, brow natural framework for gathering with sunglasses, but his brow must with framework. Never choose framework is also on the sunglasses, otherwise inevitably produce 'skip' on 'skip' funny feeling, must choose the frame flat sunglasses at this time.
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